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About Us

Founded in 2016, Comfort Caterers is more than just a catering company. We are a destination here to comfort our guests with a high standard of service and products. With local farmers, connection with our communities and passion to reach the true meaning of Hospitality.


Core Values


Passion for locally sourced food and customer service to provide our guests and clients with the key to our lifestyle

Team Work

together Teamwork from multiple industry outlets enables great creativity and unique knowledge


Strive For the perfect balance between ambition and persistence


Self-evaluation, to understand our companies’ successes and failures to ensure better performance


Our Team

With Comfort Caterers we believe it’s our duty to give back to our communities. Not for the congratulations but for the satisfaction of those we can bless, empower, and inspire. 


We pledge to have a diverse culture within our team. Where individuals can truly shine, and excel.


Eat With Us!

You have found your catering team for all occasions! We update our menus each season to ensure that you are getting the freshest meals and unforgettable experience.



As you prepare for your celebration, do not forget Comfort Caterers!

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